The Story

Tears of Omega is an original creation from the creative mind of author Solomon Woytowich. Starting in early 2005, the original concept started with one book. Soon after the story expanded from one book into seven. When asked why he created the story Solomon replied, “I wanted to create a world the reader could escape into. I wanted to give them a place where they could find hope. So many people live their lives daily without feeling like they are anything special, I wanted to show them that a hero is an ordinary person that simply has something they’re willing to fight for.”

Seven thousand years after the destruction of our world, is it remade by Omega. The story takes place on the new world of Arkhay. Seven elements were used in the recreation of the world. Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Shadow, Light, and Omega make up the elements. Every person in the world is born with one of the seven elements. From a young age they are taught how to use their abilities. If not for the teaching and constant practice a person could easily lose all use of their abilities.

Not everyone in the world has embraced their elemental abilities. There are parts of the world that have pursued knowledge and invention. Where some of the Realms in the world have developed their elemental abilities other Realms have pursued technology and built grand cities. The most powerful Realms are the Earth and Fire, the Earth being completely Mystical and the Fire being completely Technological.


The world as we know it has come and gone. From the ashes, the god Omega remakes the world with seven tears, and the power of them spreads throughout the world. Born with the rarest of the seven elements, Zeph has grown up his whole life without any knowledge of the power that flows inside him. It isn't until after the fateful night he has an encounter with an ancient mystical scroll that his abilities start to manifest.

With the help of his mischievous best friend Marcus, his timid little brother Iggy, and his first love, Breeze, they spend their days inventing something that may change the world; The Sphere Lamp. As the end of school nears Zeph is even more drawn to the scroll and any research he can find on his abilities. Although Zeph doesn’t know it, there are people in the World already looking for him because of his purpose and destiny.

It isn’t until the day the true purpose of the scroll is shown to Zeph that the world as he knows it changes forever. As his abilities fly out of his control, he fears he will lose everything and everyone he holds dear. With visions of what is to come still fresh in his mind he sets out into the world to try and find answers.

Will Zeph choose to be the world's salvation or let it once more fall to ash?


   Here are the first three chapters available for download:

Piercing the Veil - Sample