The Author

Solomon Woytowich was born in 1984 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He grew up in the city of Ottawa for the majority of his life. He was home-schooled by his mother for ten years. Over the years, his creative talents led him to many different outlets including playing several musica instruments, audio recording, video production/editing, photography, and graphic design. Going back to his early teen years, writing has always been a passion for him. He got his start by publishing several poems. During high school, he also wrote for the school paper. Creativity has never been an issue for him as he is always dreaming and imagining new stories.

In recent years, he has spent a great deal of his free time working on the Tears of Omega series. The original idea started in 2004. The first ideas were only enough to fill a chapter, but by early 2005 the original concept had quickly expanded. Before long, the story had grown int something much larger than anticipated, transforming the short story into a seven book long series. From then on, he began work on the story and continued for the next year. Taking a break from 2006-2008 to get his degree in Photography, he jumped right back into writing once he had the time again. Over 2010, the majority of the first book was written. He continues to work on the series with the second book well underway and plans to launch it towards the end of the year.

At present in he resides in the northern British Columbia town of Fort Saint John.